The Netherlands

University of Amsterdam: IMES – Institute for Migration and Ethnic Studies (Coördinator)

Founded in 1994 at the University of Amsterdam, the Institute for Migration and Ethnic Studies (IMES) is an interdisciplinary research institute that focuses on issues related to migration and integration from an international and comparative perspective. IMES helps to develop educational programmes and implements degrees at the levels of BA, MA and PhD. IMES also engages in the advisory and monitoring of various activities.
The institute works closely with other national and international academic institutes and organisations in the field of migration. The Network Office of the Network of Excellence IMISCOE and the European Secretariat of Metropolis International are both located at IMES.
IMES has a broad aim to promote systematic, knowledge-driven research on international migration and integration. For this purpose, IMES unites its staff members through developing their already-existing expertise into a coherent, interdisciplinary research programme. The central topics chosen for the programme may be of relevance for the university itself; locally within the city of Amsterdam; at a countrywide level for the Netherlands; or most broadly, for international organisations and institutions. The primary goal of the IMES research programme is to gain fundamental insights into the processes of international migration and societal integration of immigrants and their descendants, while moreover strengthening the theoretical basis of such research. IMES also engages in the monitoring and advisory activities based explicitly on systematic research.



Prof. Dr. Jean Tillie (Coördinator)

The Netherlands - IMES
Prof. Dr. Jean Tillie studied Political Science and wrote his PhD dissertation on determinants and measurement of party preference and voting behaviour, at the Universiteit van Amsterdam. He is Coordinator of IMES Cluster 3, which deals with Networks of Migrant Organisations, Political mobilisation and the Institutional Design of Multicultural Democracies. At present, Jean supervises several projects on the relationship between ethnic civic communities and the political integration of immigrants in European cities (vis-à-vis voting turnout, political trust and interest in local politics).

Dr. Anja van Heelsum

The Netherlands - IMES
Dr. A.J. van Heelsum is a researcher at the Institute of Migration and Ethnic Studies. She (MA social psychology, PhD social-cultural sciences at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) wrote her PhD on 'The ethno-cultural position of the second- generation Surinamese'. She worked as researcher at the department of social research methodology and at the department of organisational psychology of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, at the Werkgroep 2000 and at IMES.

From 1996 onwards she has been involved in IMES-research projects in three main areas: a) migrant organisations, b) political participation of immigrants and c) city policies on immigrants.

S. van Stiphout

The Netherlands - IMES

Sjef van Stiphout MSc. is junior researcher at the the Amsterdam Institute for Social Science Research (AISSR). He studied Political Science (cum laude) and completed a research master Social Sciences (cum laude) at the University of Amsterdam.


Maarten Koomen

The Netherlands - IMES
Maarten Koomen MSc. is junior researcher at the Amsterdam Institute for Migration and Ethnic Studies. He studied Anthropology and completed a master in Migration and Ethnic Studies (cum laude) at the International Graduate School of Social Sciences at the University of Amsterdam.